Abashiri Bus
7:10am Dep.   Abashiri Sta. No.3  →  8:05am Arr.   Koshimizu Fureai Center


Return back to Abashiri・・・After the flight,we will leave customers off at Koshimizu Fureai Center or JR Hama-Koshimizu Station.

Abashiri Bus
11:40am Dep.   Koshimizu Fureai Center  →  12:38pm Arr.   Abashiri Sta.

JR Semmo Line
11:34am Dep.   Hama-Koshimizu Sta.  →  11:58am Arr.    Abashiri Sta.

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Shari Bus
7:11am Dep.   Utoro Michino-Eki → 8:00am Arr.   Shari Bus Terminal

※Service suspended at Sat.Sun.Holiday.
※Pick you up at the meeting place.

East-Hokkaido Express Bus(JR Twinkle Bus Shiretoko-go)
7:357:45am Dep.   Utoro Onsen   → 8:35am Arr.   Shiretoko-Syari Sta.

You must make a reservation three days before departure.
* Can connect to Ryuhyo Norroko Train No. 2 (dep. 8:55).
Purchase spots: Reservations are accepted at JR Hokkaido’s JR Ticket Counter (Midori-no-madoguchi) or Twinkle Plaza.
Conditions of use: Present JR Hokkaido’s tickets (excl. commuter passes, platform tickets and IC tickets) or purchase them when making a reservation.
No application by telephone or e-mail cannot be accepted.
The details will be announced two months before departure.

Return back to Shiretoko・・・After the flight,we will leave customers off at JR Hama-Koshimizu Station.

JR Senmo Line
10:55am Dep.   Hama-Koshimizu Sta. → 11:12am Arr.   Shiretoko-Shari Sta.

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Abashiri Bus(Express Bus No.Dorimintoohotsuku) 
23:40 Dep.   Sapporo Terminal  → 6:00(Next day) Arr.   Abashiri Terminal
※Other,There are 8 bus services available at noon.

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Chuo Bus(Highway Bus Eagle Liner)   

23:15 Dep.   Sapporo Terminal  → 5:45(Next day) Arr.   Shari Bus Terminal

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Please contact the public transport company for more information.